Chanmans MIA til May

So we’ve fallen terribly behind with our posts (over a month behind now!) as we have actually travelled from Laos to Northern Thailand and even spent 3 weeks in Malaysia. Currently we’re in Kathmandu, Nepal and tomorrow we head out on a 20 day trek along the Annapurna Circuit. Unfortunately we will not likely have much internet access nor will we even have our laptop with us during the trek so really this just means we’ll be a good 2 months behind when we return. Gah! I suspect we’ll never really catch up.

Just thought we’d send a quick update out in case anyone was wondering why the Chanmans are MIA. Should be back online near the beginning of May.

Til then!!


4 thoughts on “Chanmans MIA til May

    1. Thanks Jen! We’re back now and Nepal was truly spectacular. Can’t wait to get the photos up…though I suspect it’ll take some time. Miss you guys! Looks like you had an amazing time down under!!

  1. Happy birthday Andrea!!!!! hope you are having a wonderful day where ever you are!!
    hugs to you and Jess
    love les xoxox

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