Chanmans take flight!

DSC09132We are back on the travel circuit but this time with 2 kiddos in tow.

For those who didn’t already know, we have decided to take advantage of our parental leave time off and travel for 12 weeks together as a family. Our first stop is Taiwan where we will be joining PoPo (my mother) and Auntie Iris in Taipei.

Funnily enough just getting ourselves to the airport turned out to be more stressful than we anticipated. Our original plan to take the UP Express from Union was foiled when my last load of laundry didn’t dry in time (ah parenthood) so we opted to call an airport taxi instead. Sadly we found ourselves in a dead stop on the Gardiner just past Spadina (and hence nowhere to turn around) because of not just one, but two accidents!! Google maps was estimating our travel time at 2+hours which would have pretty well guaranteed us to miss our flight. It actually suggested at one point that the fastest route for us to get to the airport was to turn around, head east to the DVP and back up to the 401. I was very much ready to cry at that point but really having no other options we just hoped for the best. Thankfully the accidents managed to clear up and we made it to the airport with enough time to spare.


Next up was our 15.5 hour flight. Despite the ridiculous 1:45AM departure time (read: overtired kids), the flights went surprisingly well. I mean, both kids cried at various points from exhaustion and we had to do many diaper and pull-up changes in tiny airplane bathrooms, but overall it went really well. Daniel shockingly stayed in his own seat during take off and landing (bribing with toys, stickers and videos helped) and Jacob slept in a variety of places (on my chair, in my wrap, on Jesse’s chest, in the bassinet, etc.).  Jesse and I each even managed to “rest” (but not quite sleep) at various points!! It did help that we were lucky enough to fly business class again and that the cabin we were in was relatively empty so we essentially had 4 seats to ourselves. The flight attendants were also super accommodating and let us eat our meals in sequence so we could take turns watching the kids.


My highlight was definitely the hamburger & fries “snack” that Eva airline offers on demand. I didn’t have high expectations but it tasted so good!


And before we knew it, we were landing in Taipei!!

As we exited the plane, another passenger in our cabin who we hadn’t spoken to all flight smiled at me and said “you guys did really well” which was just about the best compliment I could have hoped for. It was a nice way to start our first day in Taipei :)


It was also great to be picked up by my mother’s driver friend at the airport and get driven to the Airbnb that she and my sister were renting for the week. Both kids fell asleep in the car ride and we managed to even put Daniel down for a nap on arrival. This gave us time to take a shower and change before getting our first day in Taipei started with a walk around the neighborhood.


Actual Travel Dates: April 5 – 6, 2017

4 thoughts on “Chanmans take flight!

  1. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the great pictures of your first ‘step’ of your 3 month trip! Love the pictures of Daniel and Jacob but you must have been exhausted after your long flight. Not many more days before Susan and Caitlin join you all in Vietnam! Have a great time! Corinne and Grier

    1. Thanks Corinne and Grier! Yes we are lagging behind with the posts. Susan and Caitlin are here with us in Hanoi now and it’s so great! Daniel in particular is loving all the extra people to talk to and read books with ;)

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