Chanmantravels may need to go on hiatus

Well we’re a few posts behind now as we’ve actually been in Phnom Penh for 4 days after a previous 4 days in Battambang. But we seem to have run out of time…

Some last-minute travel planning resulted in us deciding to head to Vietnam a bit earlier than originally planned…so we hastily got our visas yesterday and are hopping on a bus to Saigon tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately we’ve discovered that is apparently blocked in Vietnam (along with facebook and some other social media sites). We’re looking into ways to get around this, but may not be able to post again until we leave the country in a month or so!

We’ll still be on email though, so please feel free to keep in touch that way!

Chanmans out. See ya later!

P.S. Thought we’d post a couple of pics from the last few days. This one’s for you, Katie (yes that is Chuck Norris shooting dim sum guns!)

DSC02562And another little teaser for next time…DSC02629

4 thoughts on “Chanmantravels may need to go on hiatus

  1. Just awesome………What can I say , Andrea you amaze me………….What a wonderful experience, Chris told me about your blog today………..Gina ……..

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Gina!! We’re having a super great time. Hope you’re doing well and I’ll see you again in a few months time!

    1. Yep, it turned out to be literally around the corner from our hotel (right in the middle of a stretch of bars catering to the sex tourism crowd… Lovely). Dim sum was ok, the menu and theme were priceless:)

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