to Singapore Airlines, with love

All the hype is true. Singapore Airlines Business Class lived up to all our expectations in terms of service, comfort and experience. We flew from Shanghai to Singapore and then again from Singapore to Bangkok using this incredible airline, and loved every second of it. The highlights were definitely the gorgeous and incredibly attentive flight attendants who referred to us as “Mr. Coleman” and “Mrs. Chan” (!!!), the super wide comfortable seats with fancy noise-cancelling earphones, the impressive and varied selection of wines, foods and cheeses, and last but not least the amazing Business Class SilverKris lounge at the Singapore Airport. Oh my…that lounge was our haven. Super fast internet, massive buffet of delicious foods, unlimited drinks and booze and full service SHOWERS which we took full advantage of after being in transit for over 30 hours. We loved it so much we lost track of time and actually almost missed our flight. Luckily, a bit of light jogging and conveniently located gates saved us. Thank goodness! We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Looking a little tired, but still happy in our big comfy seats!




6 thoughts on “to Singapore Airlines, with love

  1. Hi Jesse and Andrea! We were so concerned after your so long flight, stopover in freezing Shanghai, but now…just alittle jealous! The food looks wonderful, hard to believe that airlines actually supply such high quality gourmet yummies, and sleek showers to wash away 30 hours of flying. Looking forward to hearing more!

    Grier and Corinne

  2. You’ll never be able to travel with the great unwashed back in economy class ever again!

    Keep the updates coming. Kirsten and I will travel vicariously through you!

  3. From a comfort standpoint, I find Executive First on Air Canada’s 777 comparable to Singapore Business – particularly when travelling alone. The flight attendants on SQ tended to be more energetic from a service standpoint, but you can get great crews on AC too. Regardless, to echo Adam’s comment above, once you fly up front, it’s tough getting back to reality in the ‘back of the bus’.

    Really enjoy your posts and following your journey. Keep them coming! Perhaps we’ll meet up in Asia sometime in the Spring…



    1. We did like our AC experience as well
      and the pods were definitely comfy. I think SA won on just overall experience. For example, on AC we were isolated from each other and could really talk without staining our necks. The crew we had was polite but just didn’t have the over-the-top attentive and friendly nature. I think it’s just the little things that we ended up liking SA better for. But we just had a small sample to use as comparison. On our way back, we’ll see how Turkish Airlibes stacks up! :)

  4. Let it be known that Arun and I noticed you’re already making very good use of your camera-arm-stick thing! So glad the flights turned out to be such a cool experience!

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