new year, new adventures

note: we’re posting this a bit late, as we were not able to access WordPress from China! Had to wait til we were in Singapore…

In true Chanman style, we rang in the new year hastily finishing off all the chores, errands, packing and (for Jesse) work deliverables that we hadn’t yet ticked off our to-do list. At one point, Jesse’s phone alarm rang and I said “Why did you set an alarm for 12AM??” to which he replied “Happy New Year!” In all the madness, I had completely forgotten. We eventually made it to bed at 3AM before our 6AM wake-up call, and then when we did finally drag ourselves out of bed we spent a good 30 minutes in a panic when we couldn’t find Jesse’s wallet (we had inadvertently packed it in a box that we were going to drop off to my mother’s house before we left). After having one last visit with my mother and grandmother (thanks for taking our dirty laundry for us, mom!), we eagerly drove ourselves to the airport to start our new adventure.

Most of you have probably heard the story of how we managed to swing Business Class flights to Asia (Jovana & Marko – thank you again a million times), so you’ll know how much we were actually looking forward to the flights themselves. We mistakenly went to the regular check-in area, before realizing that there’s a whole other Priority check-in section that you can use when you fly Business Class! After a super quick check-in, we made our way to the Maple Leaf lounge to explore the comfy seats and free food & booze. I used the complimentary computers to send out a few emails to introduce our blog to our favourite people and Jesse sent out a few final emails for work using the wifi on our new little netbook. We weren’t that hungry, so didn’t take full advantage of the spread but definitely enjoyed the space and comfort of the lounge. Time flew by and then it was time to board. Again, so little hassle and no line-ups! We settled into our fancy individual diagonal pods and have enjoyed some pretty impressive meals so far. The ability to fully lie down with no interference or worry about the other people around you is an incredible luxury. Even though Jes is still a little bit too tall to fully stretch out, he has been able to get some shut eye and enjoy the added leg room. The service is super friendly, and the food portions are ridiculously huge. We’re fully taking advantage of this amazing experience!

Our first stop is a short layover in Shanghai before heading to our final destination in Bangkok. Jesse’s father Will put us in touch with a former graduate student of his who lives in Shanghai, Mingwei, who has graciously offered to meet us and take us out for some cheap, local food. We can’t wait!

So that’s it from us for now. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and fun-filled new year!!

5 thoughts on “new year, new adventures

    1. Two on the ac flight plus a dimsum snack somewhere in there. It’s turned into a wacky continuous eating thing with a meal in shanghai, then another dinner at 1am when we flew to Singapore. Now eating in the lounge… It’s getting ridiculous:)

  1. The flight looked amazing! Especially dimsum in the air. How many people can say they’ve the joined the mile-high dimsum club??

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